Quick absorption technology

Faster onset of action

  • Faster onset of action is critical in treating acute symptoms. Since the API is already dissolved before administration, there is no need for disintegration and dissolution in the stomach, leading to a faster onset of action.

  • The solution is buffered against changing pH, which in turn accelerates its passage through the stomach and enables faster absorption in the small intestine.

  • The CO2 released during the effervescent reaction enhances the transport of active ingredients through the digestive tract, improving absorption and bioavailability.

Efficient formulations

  • An excellent opportunity for formulators to improve the taste since active ingredients often taste bitter and taste masking/ flavouring is commonly required.

  • Large amounts of active ingredients can be incorporated and it is also possible to combine multiple APIs in a single dose, even at very different concentrations.

Easy to use

  • Effervescent products are self-mixing.

  • Upon contact with a liquid, they rapidly dissolve, releasing CO2 in the process.

  • Agitation caused by the release of the gas further stimulates the process.

  • This leads to rapid and complete dissolution of the effervescent granules and subsequent release of the active ingredients into the solution.

  • Upon contact with a liquid, they rapidly dissolve, releasing CO2 in the process.

Better patient compliance

  • Drugs delivered with effervescent technology taste better than most liquids, mixtures and suspensions.

  • The superior taste masking is achieved by limiting objectionable characteristics and complementing formulations with flavors and fragrances.

Easy to swallow

  • Drinkable effervescent products are easier to swallow than conventional solid tablets.

  • Extremely well-suited to those with swallowing difficulties, such as the elderly, infirm, young children or those with oesophageal injuries.

  • This significantly increasing treatment preference and regimen adherence.

Gentle on the digestive tract

  • Effervescent formulations have a gentle action on a patient’s stomach because they dissolve fully in a buffered solution.

  • Buffering also prevents gastric acids from interacting with the drugs themselves, which can be a major cause of stomach and oesophageal upsets.

Reliable efficacy

  • The use of effervescent tablets tends to produce a more reliable efficacy response, as the active ingredients are evenly distributed, preventing variability due to tablet disintegration and dissolution.

Increase in liquid intake

  • The intake of dissolved effervescent tablets increases hydration.

  • Proper hydration is essential for good health and wellbeing.
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